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Optocore not only leads the way in the LED lighting technology but also ensures that the way (the streets) is lighted properly. In order to achieve this, Optocore has initiated a partnership with Cree. Cree is an American company that is considered to be the market leader in Led lighting technology and provides some of the most innovative solutions in this area.

By capitalizing this partnership Optocore has managed to succeed in the most demanding challenges in the street lighting sector by providing a variety of ready to install or custom made solutions. Low energy consumption, instant turn on to full brightness and many more advantages along with the top quality assurances that come with every Optocore product are the key elements of success.

A street that is lighted properly not only has increased safety, minimizing the risks of a possible vehicle accident but can also improve the life of the residents by reducing possible illegal activities in the area and improving the mood of passers-by. A cost efficient, top quality, low maintenance and generally life improving lighting solution is what every person demands from the authorities of his residential area. From the smallest corner of a no name town street to the huge highways that connect large cities or even countries we are fully capable of supplying the most efficient lighting solutions which shall "illuminate your way".