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Optocore, an expert in retrofitting, manages to provide cutting edge technology lighting solutions.

Optocore succeeds in making best use of infrastructures that cannot be altered or simply you don't want to.  We offer cost efficient solutions that lead to an amazing lighting upgrade leaving the rest of the item intact. In our factory we create custom made products that can fit perfectly and easily in the current infrastructure ensuring not only 100% compatibility but also the best light you could imagine.

We are constantly challenged to provide solutions that can fit in perfectly in a retro environment such as an old section of an historical city, in order to have perfect lighting results without altering the environment. We manage to adjust old street lamps and other similar objects that need high quality light in order to promote the beauty that surrounds them.  On other cases the cost of replacing the whole lighting infrastructure is so high that deters the interested client from making such a decision. We manage to offer the best cost efficient solution possible in order to have maximum light with minimum expenditure.