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Optocore succeeds in providing a great lighting advantage in a very demanding sector, such as the petroleum industry and more specifically gas stations.

With a very strong competition and usually have to work 24 hours a day, and most importantly night, gas stations all around the world need a way to stand out and also function properly. Optocore provides gas stations with tailor made solutions which ensure not only that the station will be visible from large distance at night but also that it will be inviting and customer friendly. A simple action like pumping gas (and possibly making a quick "pit stop») is upgraded to a whole new experience, thanks to our innovative tailor made lighting solutions.

Our lighting solutions specifically at gas stations and generally in the petroleum sector are constantly checked in order to be more than 100% safe, because they are installed in an extremely sensitive environment. We follow by the book all safety instructions and regulations in order to not just minimize but eliminate the risk of any possible or impossible mishap. The result is a perfectly illuminated and safe environment that satisfies totally both employees and customers-visitors.