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Optocore is focused on the industrial sector and we have dedicated our efforts to provide the most efficient lighting solution for your business.

Industrial spaces and buildings are usually huge and very demanding for proper light. Optocore provides energy efficient LED lighting solutions that require close to zero  maintenance and ensure that your workspace (factory, warehouse etc.) is lighted properly increasing not only productivity but also safety conditions for your employees.

From open space offices to factories with dark corners and warehouses with shelves and crates that reach the ceiling, Optocore is ready to provide top class light, 24/7 wherever it is needed. Our lighting solutions are not only cost efficient, which is an obvious benefit by itself, but because of their near zero maintenance needs can save you a lot of working hours, especially if the lights are installed in high ceilings and other hard to reach places that require ladders or ever more complicated constructions and procedures in order to reach them.