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Optocore specializes in the refrigerated lighting sector and manages to provide excellent custom made solutions in a very demanding market.

Optocore succeeds in providing complete and tailor made solutions for every refrigerated display. Perfect light, top quality and safety assurances are amongst the elements that allow Optocore to stand out AND in the cooling sector. All products in the refrigerators are strategically illuminated and become even more attractive to the eyes of the potential customer. Optocore's refrigerated lighting solutions are cost efficient and top quality at the same time, ensuring maximum benefits for the vendor.

Refrigerators are very “tricky” items to illuminate because of the low temperatures and other special conditions. We focus on keeping the light directed on the refrigerator shelves in order to achieve maximum product visibility, while the actual lighting device remains out of sight. In addition to all the above mentioned, our research and development department stays focused on the cooling sector in order to offer to our customers state-of-the-art refrigerated lighting solutions.